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Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurement Using PVDF Fibers Fabricated by NFES and A Photoplethysmography Sensor

Yu-Jen Wang 1 and Chung-Yang Sue 2
1. Department of Mechanical and Electromechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
2. Smart Microsystems Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
Abstract—Because the global population is aging, a long-term physiological monitoring system for senior citizens must be developed. Among the current physiological monitoring systems, that used to monitor blood pressure is one of the most critical. Conventional blood pressure monitors, such as mercurial and electric sphygmomanometers, all apply compression to arteries using an inflatable cuff. For users monitoring their blood pressure in the long term, artery compression may cause discomfort during measurement; moreover, it cannot be used to continuously monitor blood pressure. Estimating blood pressure through a cuffless method has become increasingly valuable and is being widely researched. This study proposes a method for estimating blood pressure by using the pulse transit time (PTT) and epidermis strain. First, thick-walled theory and pulse wave velocity were used to establish an equation for estimating blood pressure. In the proposed method, a piezoelectric strain sensor and photoplethysmography sensor are worn continuously on the wrist above the radial artery and on the fingertip, respectively. Because the two devices are at a fixed distance, a time delay results between the obtained blood pressure pulse signals and photoplethysmography signals. The PTT and blood pressure pulse signals are used to calculate the blood pressure by using the estimation equations. 

Index Terms—pulse transit time, pulse wave velocity, blood pressure pulse signals, Polyvinylidene fluoride

Cite: Yu-Jen Wang and Chung-Yang Sue, "Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurement Using PVDF Fibers Fabricated by NFES and A Photoplethysmography Sensor," Journal of Automation and Control Engineering, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 34-38, June, 2019. doi: 10.18178/joace.7.1.34-38
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