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An Adaptability of Head Motion as Computer Input Device

Takehiko Tomikawa, Toshiaki Yamanouchi, and Hiromitsu Nishimura
Dept. of Information Media, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Atsugi, Japan
Abstract—This paper describes an application scheme for human interface by utilizing the movements of body parts as an input device. The purpose of this paper is to assist the computer input for the person with hand disabilities, and to construct a system that can be inexpensive and easily implemented. Thus, the authors propose a combination parameters of “Euler angles” and “Translations” under body movements to perform mouse scanning behaved as alternative cursor. In other words, this is a trial to replace the pointing functionality of the mouse by utilizing “Translations” in neck orwaist movements in addition to the “Pitch/Yaw/Roll” in face orientations.There are similar waysof thinking in the past, however, the usage of parameter combination as well as the possibility of practical realization can be hardly found. As a result of our experiments, it is to give an indication that our method can be applicable to function as a mouse scanning to some extent in spite of the simple system configurations by utilizing the current technique in both hardware and software.On the other hand, there are some problems remained as further considerations, such as, operability experiments by handicapped subjects, the system configurations in wireless linkage, and so on.
Index Terms—human interface, mouse substitution, Euler angles, Kinect sensor

Cite: Takehiko Tomikawa, Toshiaki Yamanouchi, and Hiromitsu Nishimura, "An Adaptability of Head Motion as Computer Input Device," Jounal of Automation and Control Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 166-170, April, 2016. doi: 10.12720/joace.4.2.166-170
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