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On the Walking Pattern Generators of Biped Robot

Hayder F.N. Al-Shuka and Burkhard J. Corves
Department of Mechanism and Machine Dynamics, Aachen, Germany
Abstract—In this paper, we have attempted to focus on the continuous transition of the biped mechanism from the single support phase (SSP) to the double support phase (DSP) and vice versa. Three methods have been compared for this purpose. The first two methods have exploited the notion of pendulum mode with different strategies. However, it is found that the two mentioned methods can give the same motion of center of gravity for the biped. Whereas, Method 3 has suggested to use a suitable acceleration during the double support phase (DSP) for a smooth transition. Although the Method 3 can give close results as in the former methods, the latter are more systematic in dealing with the walking parameters of the biped robot. The second issue considered is the different patterns of the foot trajectory especially during the DSP. In pattern1, the swing foot is always level with the ground during the whole walking step. While in pattern2, the swing foot leaves and strikes the ground with specified angles. A piecewise spline functions have been employed for this purpose in order to ensure zero acceleration at the ends of the foot trajectory and satisfy the constraint conditions at the break points, such that the start time in each phase is set to zero. MATLAB simulation has been performed to investigate the mentioned work. It is verified that pattern 2 can give smoother motion than the first pattern.

Index Terms—Biped robot, Walking pattern generators, Gait cycle, Single Support Phase, Double Support Phase, Zero-Moment Point.

Cite: Hayder F.N. Al-Shuka and Burkhard J. Corves, "On the Walking Pattern Generators of Biped Robot ," Journal of Automation and Control Engineering, Vol.1, No.2, pp. 149-155, June 2013. doi: 10.12720/joace.1.2.149-155
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